European Entrepreneurs



Why attend European Entrepreneurs? 

You have entrepreneurial spirit with a vision to change the status quo within your company, organisation, association or administration. You have found your event. 

  • Connection – You are looking to connect with other like-minded people. Build an international network in a weekend with entrepreneurs from different industries, countries, generations and with businesses in various growth stages.  
  • Celebration – You want to celebrate diversity with the Women Entrepreneurship Day.  
  • Collaboration – Listen to inspiring stories on entrepreneurship and how to make it happen. Finally have the conversations that push your business to the next phase. Something you were dreaming about, but never really had in your local community.

Are you ready to kickstart your network?


We believe in the European spirit which is all about connecting people from all over the world, with the same shared values and visions which are inclusion, diversity and open-mindedness.  

You want to bring an idea to life within any organisation, association or administration. You have a vision and are willing to take initiatives to achieve your goal, wanting to leave a positive footprint for generations to come. 

This Was European Enterpreneurs 2017 

Friday Night Connection Cocktail at Ernst & Young

Celebration of Women Entrepreneurship Day on Saturday Afternoon

Collaboration with Einhorn keynote and Panel on Sunday Morning 

Are you ready to kickstart your network?